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27360 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA 92591
Sales: (888) 387-7019
Service ONLY: (951) 240-3100
Making A Difference
  • Dealership Contacts (888) 387-7019
    • Terry Gilmore Photo
      Terry Gilmore
    • Todd Tracy Photo
      Todd Tracy
      General Manager
    • Kati Allen Photo
      Kati Allen
      New Car Contracts
    • Emerson  Alvarenga Photo
      Emerson  Alvarenga
      Frontline Wash
    • Ruben Aranda Photo
      Ruben Aranda
      Parts Manager
    • Shinya Arasaki Photo
      Shinya Arasaki
      Detail Assistant Manager
    • Mike  Armstrong Photo
      Mike  Armstrong
      Service Manager
    • Alexia Austin Photo
      Alexia Austin
      Service Receptionist
    • Rebekah Axup Photo
      Rebekah Axup
      Office Manager
    • Kellye Bailey Photo
      Kellye Bailey
      Office Assistant
    • Bany Barrera Photo
      Bany Barrera
      Sales Lot Porter
    • Dwayne Bartlett Photo
      Dwayne Bartlett
      Internet Director
    • Kathie  Bludworth Photo
      Kathie  Bludworth
      Service Advisor
    • Larry Bodkin Photo
      Larry Bodkin
      Product Specialist
    • Brandon Brooks Photo
      Brandon Brooks
    • Kevin Brooks Photo
      Kevin Brooks
      Product Specialist
    • Curtis Brown Photo
      Curtis Brown
      Service Manager
    • Patrick  Buckley Photo
      Patrick  Buckley
      New Car Sales
    • Steve Burchfield Photo
      Steve Burchfield
      Assistant Sales Manager
    • Alex  Caro Photo
      Alex  Caro
      Body Shop Technician
    • David  Chapman Photo
      David  Chapman
      Service Advisor
    • Jacob  Chattin Photo
      Jacob  Chattin
      Parts Driver
    • Denny Crawford Photo
      Denny Crawford
      Product Specialist
    • Justin Cohn Photo
      Justin Cohn
      New Car Sales
    • Marisela Dominguez Photo
      Marisela Dominguez
      Product Specialist
    • Ryan  Drumm Photo
      Ryan  Drumm
      Service Advisor
    • Jose Diones Photo
      Jose Diones
      Service Dispatcher
    • Cody Dugard Photo
      Cody Dugard
      Product Specialist
    • Dave English Photo
      Dave English
      Used Car Sales Manager
    • Thad  Epting Photo
      Thad  Epting
      Product Specialist
    • Daneil  Escobar Photo
      Daneil  Escobar
      Body Shop Technician
    • Don Figgs Photo
      Don Figgs
      Floor Supervisor
    • Bonnie  Gardner Photo
      Bonnie  Gardner
      Paradise at the Temecula Mall
    • Mike Good Photo
      Mike Good
      New Car Team Leader
    • Dave Grout Photo
      Dave Grout
      Product Specialist
    • Ely Gutierrez Photo
      Ely Gutierrez
      Pre-owned Team leader
    • Carl  Henderson Photo
      Carl  Henderson
      Detail Specialist
    • Jon Hernandez Photo
      Jon Hernandez
      Service Advisor
    • A.J. Hewittson Photo
      A.J. Hewittson
      Commercial Sales Manager
    • Tito  Hernandez Photo
      Tito  Hernandez
      VIP Internet Sales
    • Chris Hollowell Photo
      Chris Hollowell
      Used Car Buyer
    • Jeff Hunt Photo
      Jeff Hunt
      Service Advisor
    • Rick  Hunt Photo
      Rick  Hunt
      Body Shop Director
    • Claudia  Ihrig Photo
      Claudia  Ihrig
      Service Warranty
    • Brian Jeno Photo
      Brian Jeno
      Parts Counterman
    • Jesus Jimenez Photo
      Jesus Jimenez
      Sales Lot Porter
    • Taylor Jones Photo
      Taylor Jones
      Service Receptionist
    • Jon Kelley Photo
      Jon Kelley
      Parts Driver
    • Joshua  Lenczewski Photo
      Joshua  Lenczewski
      New Car Sales
    • Lou Long Photo
      Lou Long
      Product Specialist
    • George  Lyerla Photo
      George  Lyerla
      Shuttle Driver
    • Alvaro Macias Photo
      Alvaro Macias
      Body Shop Paint Assistant
    • Cassie  Macoskey Photo
      Cassie  Macoskey
      Lot Porter / Greeter
    • Joe Macoskey Photo
      Joe Macoskey
      Fixed Operations Director
    • Miguel  Madrigal Photo
      Miguel  Madrigal
    • Juan Maldonado Photo
      Juan Maldonado
      Parts Back Counter
    • Mike Martinez Photo
      Mike Martinez
      Parts Counterman
    • Marcus McConnell Photo
      Marcus McConnell
      Parts Assistant Manager
    • Brian McDaniels Photo
      Brian McDaniels
      Commercial Fleet Assistant
    • Craig McKenzie Photo
      Craig McKenzie
      Product Specialist
    • Dawn Mckenzie Photo
      Dawn Mckenzie
      Paradise at the Temecula Mall
    • Jerwin Mendigorin Photo
      Jerwin Mendigorin
      Product Specialist
    • Paul Messina Photo
      Paul Messina
      New Car Check In
    • John Mushaney Photo
      John Mushaney
      Detail Manager
    • Ian Nelson Photo
      Ian Nelson
      Inventory Manager
    • Thomas Nicolosi Photo
      Thomas Nicolosi
      Body Shop Technician
    • Kenny Obeso Photo
      Kenny Obeso
      Parts Driver
    • Chris  Ochoa Photo
      Chris  Ochoa
      Product Specialist
    • Lance Orosco Photo
      Lance Orosco
      Product Specialist
    • Ernesto  Ostorga Photo
      Ernesto  Ostorga
      Parts Back Counter
    • Diego Paz Photo
      Diego Paz
      Due Bills
    • Michael Peralta Photo
      Michael Peralta
      Product Specialist
    • Chris Perez Photo
      Chris Perez
      Product Specialist
    • Ramiro Perez Photo
      Ramiro Perez
      Fleet Manager
    • Paul Powell Photo
      Paul Powell
      Service Advisor
    • Sam Radi Photo
      Sam Radi
      New Car Sales
    • Steve Rainier Photo
      Steve Rainier
      Shop Foreman
    • Geoff  Rasmussen Photo
      Geoff  Rasmussen
      Service Advisor
    • Joshua Rice Photo
      Joshua Rice
      Floor Manager
    • Christian Ricks Photo
      Christian Ricks
      Product Specialist
    • Doug  Ritchy Photo
      Doug  Ritchy
      Service Advisor
    • David Rivera Photo
      David Rivera
      Body Shop Technician
    • Darrell Robinson Photo
      Darrell Robinson
      Parts Counterman
    • Felipe Rodriguez Photo
      Felipe Rodriguez
      Product Specialist
    • Paulino Salazar  Photo
      Paulino Salazar
      Detail Specialist
    • Martin  Sanchez Photo
      Martin  Sanchez
      Parts Counter
    • CJ Scott Photo
      CJ Scott
      Used Car Sales
    • Ty Scott  Photo
      Ty Scott
    • Elizabeth Sepulveda Photo
      Elizabeth Sepulveda
      VIP Internet Sales Consultant
    • Hal Severns Photo
      Hal Severns
      Product Specialist
    • Nick Soto  Photo
      Nick Soto
      Parts Back Counter
    • Linda  Stanard Photo
      Linda  Stanard
      Service Booker
    • Chris Stilgebouer Photo
      Chris Stilgebouer
      Service Advisor
    • Jose Suarez Photo
      Jose Suarez
      Used Car Porter
    • Elias  Terriquez Photo
      Elias  Terriquez
    • Victoria Tooker Photo
      Victoria Tooker
      Product Specialist
    • Shaun  Tomosada Photo
      Shaun  Tomosada
      Product Specialist
    • Scott Torress Photo
      Scott Torress
      Service Advisor
    • Damione Thompson Photo
      Damione Thompson
      Product Specialist
    • James Thompson Photo
      James Thompson
      Product Specialist
    • Chris Turner Photo
      Chris Turner
      Business Manager
    • Jimmy Vargas Photo
      Jimmy Vargas
      New Car Sales Manager
    • Tammy Waldron Photo
      Tammy Waldron
      New Car Sales Manager
    • Paul Whitten Photo
      Paul Whitten
      New Car Sales
    • Dave Woodcock Photo
      Dave Woodcock
      Used Car Sales Manager
    • John Wilson Photo
      John Wilson
      Body Shop Painter
    • Bruce  Wollard Photo
      Bruce  Wollard
      Assistant Parts Manager
    • Becky Young Photo
      Becky Young
      Fleet Manager, Community Events
    • Alphonso Zavala Photo
      Alphonso Zavala
      Product Specialist
    • Erik  Zeidlik Photo
      Erik  Zeidlik
      Parts Back Counter
  • Finance (888) 387-7019
    • George Makridis Photo
      George Makridis
      Finance Director
    • Christopher Brey Photo
      Christopher Brey
      Finance Manager
    • Matt Mincio Photo
      Matt Mincio
      Finance Manager
    • Ryan  Tracy Photo
      Ryan  Tracy
      Finance Manager
    • Manny  Avilez Photo
      Manny  Avilez
      Finance Manager